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Ivy & Willow promotes naturally radiant, healthy, happy skin while helping you set & maintain positive intentions. All my products are made using ethically sourced, natural ingredients to promote beautiful, healthy skin. While skin-loving products are my main focus I also do everything I can to help reduce our carbon footprint so you will find minimal packaging that is also compostable & recyclable.


Providing confidence & trust in your daily skincare & self maintance routine.  Exceeding our own expectations not only in our products but in your experience as well.

Cutting Soap
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I started this company because my nephew was found to be on the spectrum. They are completely homeopathic now but at the beginning of his diagnosis medicines were being introduced & were having crazy effects on his body.  With that being said, chemicals are everywhere in our daily routine, they are absorbed through our skin very quickly & are pumping through your bloodstream within 23 seconds of contact.  Watching my sister try to decipher labels to figure out what was really in their products & why it was causing the reactions he was having was heartbreaking. I am Native American & have always been taught what we need is provided to us, we just have to look for it.  So that’s what I did, I looked at the problem & made a solution!  Real, simple, honest ingredients you can trust.  Formulated ethically sourced raw materials that are never compromised & will not negatively interact with any medications or be found to be carcinogenic.  

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Soap and Candles
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