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Perfect for smell therapy at home or on the go!!  This is the perfect light weight body spray, great to use 1st thing or after the shower, gym, or whenever you may need freshen your space or enjoy a little spell therapy.


Paraben, phthalate & cruelty free. responsibly sourced holistic ingredients

• Handmade in the USA

• Tested on Happy Humans 

*DISCLAIMER: this product has not been evaluated by the FDA. 

It is not intended to heal, treat or cure any condition

spray me

  • amethyst - candied plum, citrus, & bergamot combine with notes of raspberry & rhubarb jam. 

    calabrian lemon+lilac - clean + zesty, crisp lemon combines with green & herbal notes for a refreshing rendition of slightly fresh spring breezes. 

    cloudberry - pink juniper berry & balsam dance with fresh alpine air. 

    dahlia- creamy sandalwood and rich ambers dance playfully with lemon zest and yellow dahlia petals, reminiscent of a wooded flower field in the spring. 

    grounded - grapefruit, ginger, cardamom, tea, pink pepper, cinnamon & amber, balanced by cedar + vetiver. 

    just peachy - peach, pineapple, & orange. 

    lavender - crisp lavender. 

    peace - exotic passion fruit, sparkling tea  & classic patchouli come to create a warm, peaceful & pure blend. 

    rose quartz-  sweetly, fresh fusion that inspires self-love and fosters peace and forgiveness just like the rose quartz crystal it is infused with. 

    savage - black teakwood blends with soft sandalwood and crisp lavender to create this clean masculine exotic blend. Every man should smell this good! 

    sea sage - lemon, mandarin, sage, sea salt, beach juniper, jasmine vines, island gardenia, weathered driftwood, cedar, & musk. 

    sherlock - citrus, florals, cedar, sandalwood, musk, & tobacco. 

    sugared hibiscus- fresh watery tones cool the tropical fruit in a fruity floral blend. Exotic blooming florals, accented with green foliage and undertones of creamed musk & sweet vanilla. 

    whiskey+sunshine- sweet anjou pear, tangelo, & iced raspberries are muddled with cinnamon, crushed clove, & brown sugar. 


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