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These little bundles of fabulousness are made from ground corncob fibers, they're compostable & biodegradable!!


place in any room, space, drawer, or smelly shoes for an instant uplift in smell therapy.



enjoy for up to 3-4 months after opening contents. Pour into sachet bag. Place in a dish or hang. Use in garment drawers, luggage, lockers, or any other small space to keep smelling fresh. Smelly sneakers? Just tuck a sachet in each toe to keep fresh between wearing. Put one in your desk drawer for a scent break at work! Perfect for your car or other personal spaces! For best use keep it in its bag, on a non-absorbent surface. As time passes & fragrance lessens, hold it in front of hot air (like the hair dryer) & gently massage the bag to refresh the scent.


Warning: Keep these out of the reach of children, pets, or anyone who may think that these may taste as sweet as they smell. While they do smell delicious, they are not edible! Do not use inside burners or warmers.


Paraben, phthalate & cruelty free. responsibly sourced holistic ingredients

• Handmade in the USA

• Tested on Happy Humans

*DISCLAIMER: this product has not been evaluated by the FDA.

It is not intended to heal, treat or cure any condition.

fragrant sachet

  • natural corn cob fibers, paraben, phthalate & sulfate free fragrance.

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