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To enjoy, set your intentions, add minerals to your bath under running water & disperse throughout. sink into the bath to let the herbs & lavender essential oil grace your body while allowing your mind quiet, relax, drift away. for the most effective cleanse, you will need to submerge your body & head under the water. your bath has stones added to it, retrieve them before releasing water. apply our Hydrating Cocolotion or Dry Oil immediately after bath while skin is open to receive the added benefits of your bath ritual.


Paraben, phthalate & cruelty free. responsibly sourced holistic ingredients

• Handmade in the USA

• Tested on Happy Humans 

*DISCLAIMER: this product has not been evaluated by the FDA. 

It is not intended to heal, treat or cure any condition.

mineral bath

SKU: 735255940114
  •  dead sea salt, himalayan sea salt, european spa salts, dendrite salt, sodium bicarbonate, organic aloe extract, lavender essential oil, dried organic roses, lavender buds, calendula, coneflowers, and sage.

  • net wt.  8oz | 226.7 gr

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